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Q&A: Testimonials

Q: What's detailing a car?

A: Detailing a vehicle involves thoroughly cleaning the vehicle to get it looking it's best cosmetically. This could refer to general areas of the car like Interior and exterior detailing, or specific areas like engine detailing.

Q: Why detailing your car is important?

A: Detailing your car will not only help it look clean, but will also help preserve it. On the inside dirt, salt and other debris that get inside your car will breakdown and stain carpets and seats. The oil from our skin also could do damage to surfaces if never cleaned. On the outside detailing will help protect the paint clearcoat. Bug guts, tar, sun uv rays, bird droppings, etc. all put wear and tear on your cars paint clearcoat. Keeping your vehicle detailed will help it look better longer, or it could help restore the appearance of a vehicle.

Q: How much does detailing cost?

A: Prices will usually vary depending on how deep of a detail you want. At Russell's Detailing our detailing services range from $80 to $350. In general detailing services range from $100 to $2,000. It all depends on what the customer wants, vehicle type, and the location of the shop.

Q: How long does detailing take?

A: In general depending on services requested it could take 1 hour to 3 days. At Russell's Detailing it could take 1 hour to 16 hours that might have to split across 2 days.

If you have any questions on how long it could take for your specific vehicle and services. Then please contact us.

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