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The Russell's Detailing Process

Trust in the Process

This is what you can expect when you request most of our regular wash services.

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Getting Set Up

For Mobile Detailing we bring everything to you. So when we arrive to your vehicle we will set up shop which may require setting up a table, chairs, or even a canopy to shade your vehicle from the sun while it's being detailed.

Under Car Rinse

We like to start by spraying down the bottom of your vehicle to remove caked on road grime, salt, dirt, etc.


Tire & Wheel Cleaning

The tires are usually the dirtiest part of the car. Therefore it's always one of the first things we do before cleaning the rest of the vehicle.


We use snow foam to cover your vehicle with lots of sudsy foam that we let sit on your vehicle to soak it. This helps lift up stubborn dirt stuck on the paint.


Rinse & Wash

After letting the paint soak 3-6 minutes. Your vehicle is rinsed and then will be washed using the 2 bucket wash method. This method involves using a bucket with soapy water and a separate bucket with water just for rinsing the wash mitt. This helps prevent dirt from scratching the paint.

Paint Decontamination

After the paint is rinsed again. If requested the paint will be decontaminated. This is the process of purifying the paint by using automotive clay, tar remover, fallout remover, hard water spot remover, and iron remover.


At this time the vehicle is completely dried and ready to add any coatings to paint, tires, wheels, windows, etc.


Finally it's time to get your interior freshened up and protected.

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